xTablet Flex 10A


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Operating System Upgrade Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit (0) Windows 10 Professional, 64-Bit (115.38)
Optional xTablet Flex 10A Add-on Options Flex10A MSR (246.15) Easel Kit (46.15) Flex10A USB Retainer Kit (146.15) Cable For Retainer Kit (69.23)
Optional xTablet Flex 10A Accessories, Spares or Replacements Flex 10A Keyboard (107.69) Stylus with Stylus Tether, Long (20) Flex Auto Adapter with 2 USB Ports and Charging Cable (38.46) Flex Snap Mount Kit - Heavy Duty (Flex Mount, C Size Ball, Support Plate) (100) Flex Desk Stand (100)