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About Us

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful solutions.

Global Communications, first established in 2008 is a limited 100% New Zealand company in Cambridge. We are now well established as a hardware distributor and reseller network in the APAC region (New Zealand, Australia, USA, Sinagpore and Russia) of our own GlobComm brand and a reseller for a number of well-known manufacturers.

We know mobile devices and now provide software solutions that are a simple and intuitive user experience. Our solutions will combine software & hardware so clients benefit from rugged mobility.

Our products include Rugged PDA’s, Rugged Handheld Computers, and Rugged Tablet PCs that provide mobile solutions for industry, Government, Military, Utilities, Field Service, Emergency Services, Public Safety, Transportation and Logistics organisations.

The Right Tablet Solutions

We have a great range of tablet options with Global Communications. The range expands and changes with technology so doesn’t become “old”. And the quality of the products we have is exceptional with minimal failure rates, that’s why companies like our NZ Distributor Ingram Micro distributes our GlobComm tablets.

What you need to know though, whilst we know about everything to do with rugged hardware we also provide you the software solutions. So if you are in need of a total solution let use talk. For all applications from simple and straightforward to complex and wide-ranging, the team at Global Communications will assist you with configuring and customising your rugged mobile computing requirements providing training, assistance and expert advice when and as you need it.

All aspects of your software planning and testing are understood by us including tools and techniques, testing processes, change management, analysis of root cause as well as continuous improvement technology.