My tablet freezes or just not quite working right

Perform a hard reset: this is a kick start of the tablet and will often reset things. Hold the on-off button down for approx. 20 seconds. You will see the red light come back on and the tablet will reset. If your computer still doesn’t work then a total Windows reset can fix problems.

I push the on switch but my tablet doesn't start

Your GlobComm tablet is an industrial grade. In order to prevent accidental starting of a tablet you need to press the on button for about 3-seconds to start.

Desk chargers

The GlobComm desk charger is designed to fit our ST86 & ST16 tablets. For the 10.1″ ST16 remove the two pieces of foam on the front uprights. This will allow your tablet to sit neatly in place for charging. Do not move on the ST86.