Mobile Supply Chain Management Software and Hardware

Mobile Supply Chain Management Software and Hardware

Using mobility in your transport and logistics supply chain allows for greater prodLogistics applicationuctivity and real time communications away from the office or depot.

Transport and logistics organisations require devices that can confront all weather conditions, perform in airspace or on back roads, provide GPS location and sustain long life battery power.

By linking to a central backend system a mobile solution can send/receive new jobs and updates from employees on the road. Linking in with navigation allows for optimised driving routes, reducing costs and avoiding low bridge hazards, and tracking assets from the office.

With high performance rugged tablet PCs tasks can be accomplished efficiently, quickly and securely withstanding the harsh travel environments while managing communication, deliveries, departures and arrivals without complications.

The Challenge

Keeping track of vehicles, stock and manifests is necessary to ensure a smooth running organisation and meet customer demand. Tracking so many varied assets presents many challenges as well as getting assets and stock to and from the location efficiently and the inevitable time lag in getting job documents back from the field.

How we can help?

With our mobile application platform we can easily create or train your staff to build a transport/logistics solution that models your unique business processes to increase accuracy and efficiency.

In doing so we would expect to be addressing the following areas:

  • The elimination of paper documents frees time for workers to complete more mission critical tasks, reduces errors, and faster back office cycles – time is no longer wasted on admin and paperwork.
  • Track assets on the road.
  • Track fleet movements and speed limits
  • Integration with related business systems, such as Warehouse, CRM databases, leads to greater ROI for existing technology investments.
  • Stock triage
  • Warehouse Logistics

Our platform supports can support small businesses from 5-15 users, or enterprise businesses 1000 users plus. Custom applications to be deployed simultaneously in multiple languages, all with require no custom programming. Deploy your sales force applications to any Android or .NET™ device including PDA’s, Tablet PCs, laptops and desktop computers.

Solution Features

Your business processes are unique, we will work with you to devise an application that can incorporate all the functionality that you need, for example:

  • Connect with time critical data in real time i.e. customer order history, stock manifest
  • Change worker job assignments & routes
  • Create/Edit/Remove assets
  • Scan assets on/off vehicles/shelfs
  • Geo-stamp locations, tracking and GPS based alerts
  • Transmit jobs in real-time
  • Track vehicle speed limits
  • Process multiple tasks in one visit
  • Automatically produce PDF reports, bills, invoices and directly email to customer
  • View documentation and service documents
  • Automatic planned vehicle maintenance scheduling
  • Task updates to the backend throughout job process
  • Integrate truck based navigation

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