Manufacturing Inventory Management Software and Hardware

Manufacturing Inventory Management Software and Hardware

Whether you are tracking parts, assets inventory or time and attendance our mobile applications and rugged tablet PC saves time. In the manufacturing supply chain, time is more than just money. It’s also your reputation

The Challenge

Areas of manufacturing use specific terminals, mobile devices or similar all using a specific piece of software. Others still use paper forms. Add in custom business processes and it makes a complete solution very difficult and time consuming to maintain/implement.

How we can help?

With our mobile application platform we can easily create or train your staff to build a complete manufacturing solution that models your unique business processes to increase accuracy and efficiency. In doing so we would expect to be addressing the following areas:

  • The elimination of paper documents frees time for workers to complete more mission critical tasks, reduces errors, and faster back office cycles – time is no longer wasted on admin and paperwork.
  • Track stock in the warehouse.
  • Track assets on the road.
  • Integration with related business systems, such as Warehouse, CRM databases, leads to greater ROI for existing technology investments.
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Our platform supports can support small businesses from 5-15 users, or enterprise businesses 1000 users plus.
  • Custom applications to be deployed simultaneously in multiple languages, all with require no custom programming. Deploy your sales force applications to any Android or .NET™ device including PDA’s, Tablet PCs, laptops and desktop computers.

Solution Features

Your business processes are unique, we will work with you to devise a solution that can incorporate all the functionality that you need, for example:

  • Connect with time critical data in real time i.e. production history, stock manifest
  • Change worker job assignments
  • Create/Edit/Remove assets
  • Scan assets on/off vehicles/shelfs
  • Geo-stamp locations, tracking and GPS based alerts
  • Transmit jobs in real-time
  • Process multiple tasks at once
  • Automatically produce PDF reports, bills, invoices and directly email to customer
  • View documentation and service documents
  • Automatic planned machine maintenance scheduling
  • Task updates to the backend throughout job process

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