Field Service

Field Service

Field Sales Automation Solutions provide instant visibility into back office sales data and information for managing your sales organization across the entire field sales supply chain – from the customer sales representative and service technician to the supplier and beyond.

Global Communications helps you deliver information to your sales team when they need it most, at the point of sale. Global Communications allows Field Sales Representatives to close more business while they are out in the field with customers.

Field Sales Representatives are faced with increasingly complex product sales cycles, and customers with high service level expectations. They need the right sales information on demand, real-time while in the field. Customers expect instant and accurate responses to requests for custom orders, they want on demand sales order and inventory visibility and they demand high levels of delivery performance from their suppliers. To deliver the performance your customers expect and keep your organization on par with competitors, your field sales force must be armed with the right information at the exact point of time needed to help turn every customer interaction into business revenue generating opportunity.

Key Benefits for your Field Sales Operations:

  • Field Sales. Improved service levels to customers by providing instant visibility into a client’s account, order status, inventory availability and delivery schedules to help close more business
  • Sales Management. Provide instant insight to senior sales management to facilitate critical field sales decision making processes.
  • Inventory Visibility. Increase data accuracy and provide better inventory management capabilities through real-time or batch part-level visibility
  • Customer Satisfaction. Improve your ability to deliver special orders, drive incremental revenue, and provide accurate feedback on inventory, shipping, and delivery schedules on-the-fly
  • Complete Customer Information. Full contact data, account information, order status, history, accurate product pricing, promotions, inventory, and payment collection
  • Field Sales Automation.

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