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Who's on our Team?

Sales & Business Development
John is our Sales & Marketing professional with a proven track record of helping Businesses increase their Performance. He has extensive business development experience and can usher you into the next phase of your Business Growth.
Computer Technician
Proficient in use of computers and relevant computer programs/applications Mike looks after our hardware client support and warranty repair issues. With years of practical experience he works hard to help our clients.
Software Team Leader
Valia is our project team leader for our software development and integration projects. He has the ability and art of facilitating the team activities, and can organise the team work into a process oriented manner to achieve the completion of the software project on time, every time.
Software Engineer
The youngest on our team but a guru when it comes to inventory software development. He applies the principles of software engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything containing software work.
Business Advisor
Bob works with us to help with our business strategy and our direction. With a strong business background including start ups and multi-nationals, Bob helps us to continually move forward with ideas and testing ours.
Paul Scoble
I am the owner of the business and have supported my many clients around the world for over ten years. I personally deal or oversee as many customers as I can to ensure the best possible service. We have access to all major brands and technologies and are not aligned to any specific supplier so we can
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