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RuggVMC – rugged vehicle terminals

RuggVMC VX-601 12.1” Rugged Vehicle Terminal

VX-601 gives the finest balance of tough and performance for intralogistics and cold chain logistics.

RuggVMC VM-521 10.4” Rugged Vehicle Terminal

Offering best-in-class ruggedness and functionality, VM-521 is class-leading vehicle mount computer on the market.

RuggVMC MT7010 7” Mobile Data Terminal

Designed with ARM architecture and Android 5.1 platform, along with the wide range of vehicle communications. MT7010 drives up your fleet management efficiency.

RuggVMC MT7000 7”Mobile Data Terminal

Combining friendly and intuitive interface with vehicle connectivity and power, MT7000 is a purpose-built device for in-vehicle application.

Even in direct sunlight, a special anti-reflection layer is available to help keep the screen readable.

That’s just one feature of this excellent range of heavy duty vehicle screens. Offering best-in-class ruggedness and functionality, these are class-leading vehicle mount computer on the market.